WordPress Hack Repair Service



Has your WordPress website been hacked?

Have you been blacklisted by Google because your site is distributing malicious software?

We can remove your website malware now.


Professional WordPress Malware Removal


We can get you back online quickly and easily

We do not just clean your infected files, we trace down the security weakness that caused the infection in the first place and fix it.

There are many things that can cause your site to be hacked including using old or obsolete software, weaknesses in your theme or WordPress plug-ins. Insecure web hosting, an insecure password or even a virus on your own PC.

Whatever the problem, we will have you back online and fast.

We are WordPress specialists and have a proven track record in fixing hacked WordPress sites and security hardening them.



Our WordPress Hack Repair service includes:

  • A full backup of your site including the database and all files.
  • We scan your entire site and remove the infection.
  • The track down the cause of the initial hacking attempt and fix any security holes
  • We check the hosting environment for any security issues and can relocate your site to be more secure hosting environment if needed.
  • We security harden your WordPress installation.
To order our hack repair or have us contact you for more details please fill in the form below and we will be in touch ASAP