How we can help your business thrive online

Web Design & Development

We can tailor-make a beautiful website that works for your customers and showcases your brand.

Marketing Audits & Strategy

We review where your business fits into the competitive set when it comes to marketing. We can look at your presence on all channels to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

PPC & Social Media Advertising

We have the experience in-house to get your brand advertising correctly online. From Google AdWords to Facebook Ads, we can take you to the next level.

Branding & Graphic Design

We design products, packaging and user experiences with a unique research-based process we call Informed Creativity. Good branding means better marketing.

Video Production & Animation

Truly one of the most powerful mediums for advertising your brand. From full-production TV ads to smaller animated presentations, we can do it all.

App Design & Development

Take an app idea and bring it to life with our help. We'll design an app which users can intuitively get around, while delivering features properly.

Event Management

We have extensive experience in the events industry and can support you from concept and design, to post-event analysis and reconcilliation.

Social Media Management

We manage social media for various customers across several industries. Reach your audience and maximise brand awareness.

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About US

What we do

At Megnificent Creative we offer an extensive range of digital marketing and website services to businesses across Ireland, UK and beyond.

From website design, graphic design and social media marketing to search engine optimisation and pay per click management, we can customise a solution that’s the perfect fit for your business. 

So whether you operate a small company or a large corporation, together we’ll design the digital strategy that sets your brand apart. 

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let's talk

Your Digital presence is about to take off!

Schedule a free consultation and let’s make things happen! 

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Next Steps

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Successsful Launches
Ready To Launch

Are you launching a product or program and overwhelmed with all the moving pieces it takes to successfully show up in your industry?

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Power hour

Need a short, sharp injection of help with your online business? A fresh pair of eyes, feedback and guidance on your business growth and marketing, or help specifically with Facebook ads, funnels or tech in general? Sit down with Meg (on Zoom) for a power-packed 60-minutes and we’ll work on the area of your business/marketing that’s keeping you stuck and come up with a solution that works for YOU.

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Making it seamless

Do need your business running like a well oiled machine. Let’s streamline your process, pick the right systems for you to use, and infuse automation into your strategy.

Boost Your Business

Follow The Business trends

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Web Design


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