Stop making this mistake when you run ads to your website…

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If you send your ad traffic to your homepage, you might as well go and throw your money away. Especially when you have to pay for each ad like you do with PPC ads. Every time a visitor lands on your homepage from your ad you pay for what? If they don’t fill out your form? If they don’t sign up or convert? What exactly does that money get you?

So listen up, stop sending traffic from your ad to your homepage, you might have an amazing homepage, but that does not make it the right place to send your ad. Your homepage is the most generic part of your website. It is designed to appeal to every visitor no matter how familiar they are with you or your product or your service or where they are in your customer journey. It’s a gateway to the rest of your site.

Your landing pages, these are destinations that should match your ads, messaging and design. This message match is super duper important. And without message matching people will bounce off your landing pages pages because it feels unfamiliar it feels in cohesive.

So good ads, ads that make people want to click have specific details. They have offers. They have calls to action they have different things on like your homepage, which should cater to all traffic. Don’t drop your visitors onto homepage and then make them work to navigate your website. Give them what they want exactly what your ad promised them.



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