How to check if your emails are going straight to the Spam Folder

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@megnificentcreative stop wondering if you're emails are going to thr spam/junk/ promotions / other folders.. .use this tool to find out your spammy score ans make the changes tou need to get to the top of inboxes. #email #spam #spamscore #techtool #marketing #emailmarketing #business #businessowner ♬ original sound - Meg Design & Digital Strategy


Are you running email marketing campaigns and wondering if your emails are even making it to people inboxes? Or they go straight to the spam or junk folder? Well this tool is for you, you can check the “spammyness” of your emails by going to the website get this link, copy it, go to your emails and paste that in the address bar and send this email and address. Wait for a couple of moments, then click check your score.

Then you get your score here. So this email that I’ve just used gets a 9.5 out of ten. Then you get a breakdown so you can check what’s going on in these drop down menus and see what you can fix. So if your messages could be improved.

If you get a terrible score here, you know that you’re likely going straight to the spam folder.



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