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How to get your GIFs & Stickers available on Social Media Platforms

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Have a cool GIF or GIF stickers and want to share with the world? Let’s dive in and see what needs to happen to achieve just that!

Ever consider custom stickers for your stories?

⬆️ Boosting brand interaction, recognition and strengthening your relationship with users. ⬆️

Having your own branded GIFs made available online and across multiple social media platforms give a HUGE IMPACT to your business.


Well, it has the potential for boosting brand interaction, recognition, and strengthening your relationship with users. It shows potential clients how serious and stable your company is, for thinking about even the smallest detail in branding and interaction with your audience.

It’s all about the details, right?

Plus, let’s face it, stickers and GIFs are FUN!
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Creating your own GIPHY account with your company/brand name on it is the final step you need to take if you want to boot your online presence using GIFs + stickers.

WHO exactly is eligible to APPLY for a GIPHY BRAND CHANNEL?
Well just about any businesses can! If you own a company, if you are a recording artist, an actor, or a public figure with original content, then you are can go for it anytime!

If you have a business/ brand, take note of the following REQUIREMENTS that you need to provide during the application process:

✅ An active Email Address (note: it needs to be hosted at your business domain so for example yourname@yourdomain.com)
✅ A Username
✅ A Display Name
✅ A Website
✅ A Social Media Profile
✅ An Avatar

Here are Optional things that you may or may not provide:
✅ A Parent Company
✅ Location

An important thing to remember!

Aside from the above-mentioned, you also need to have at least 5 GIFs or Stickers already uploaded into your GIPHY account in order to proceed with the application for a brand channel.

Are you ready to get started?

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Want to know a little more about the GIF + Sticker Design process – check this post out.  



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