Let’s talk about the process, in this post, we’ll walk through each step so you know exactly what to expect and how to get started. 😊😊

Feel free to reach out anytime through email, Instagram DMs, or here on my website! I’ll respond quickly and answer any questions you may have, and then we’ll move into the design phase.

In the Ideas + Concepts stage we will work through your deas and find a clear vision for your GIFs! You can send a list of designs you’d like to see, including specific products, phrases, concepts, or keywords that reflect you or your brand.
(Feel free to send over any brand guide materials, color palettes, and inspiration that you’d like to incorporate into the GIFs.)

If you’d like to make the brainstorming process more collaborative, Megnificent Creative can come up with a list of ideas to explore! We’ll finalize a list of designs that fit you and your brand perfectly and move on to the next stage 👉 Quotation + Paying A Design Deposit!

Once your deposit is paid, your place on the design calendar is confirmed and we kick off your project!! (yay!)

Megnificent Creative gets to work drawing out your custom GIFs + getting down to animating them! You’ll be able to view them all on a personalized, password-protected page here on the website. This page will include sections where you can see all of your GIFs as a group, view the pricing breakdown, choose between different animation options, and leave me feedback. 😃

From here, we move to the revisions phase, Megnificent Creative will make any revisions needed! (The price includes 2 rounds of revisions). Once the GIFs are completed and match your vision, we’ll move on to the final step.

Once the balance on your invoice is filled, you will receive the GIF files! You will have the full rights to use these GIFs both personally and commercially.

If you’d like to make your GIFs searchable on IG stories, Megnificent Creative is more than happy to be a resource for you! Due to Giphy’s content policies, I can’t upload your GIFs to my channel, but I’ll help you set up your own Giphy account and apply for approval as a brand account. content and stats. This will give you full access to your content and stats.