The Week in Review…

Well, this week has been a bit of a mixed bag. Between Coronavirus, #selfisolation with two rambunctious boys for what is almost the third week (it is all starting to become a blur at this point….) A birthday celebration (of sorts) and literally going from 0 to 90 on the work front in a matter of hours, it had just been one of those weeks! The absolute highlight of the week was Arleen Harris Media’s amazing full-page spread in The Irish Times about this crazy full-circle journey of life I have been on (you can read all about that HERE if you like!!)

So here I sit, 30 something weeks pregnant, wrapped up on my couch in the very early hours of a chilly Sunday morning, sipping hot water with lemon while everyone sleeps… literally drinking in the quietness before the haze of the new day ahead begins, and reminding myself that the clocks go forward today so I’ve already “lost” an hour.

Its a morning for reflection and contemplation. It’s one week since the Donegal Mammy Awards took place over on the Donegal Mammy Blog with my partner in crime Evelyn, of Donegal Mammy fame, owner of creative marketing agency Evelyn McMarketing and of course, my co-author and co-conspirator in the creation of The Mammy Handbook just a few short months ago. The awards gave us as a county of #mammies something different to talk about, something nice to look forward to in the midst of COVID19 and quarantine and come together (virtually) to celebrate Mother’s Day! And it was wonderful! We are so grateful to all the sponsors and people who took the time to nominate a #donegalmammy for an award – We REALLY wished everyone could have won something…(but watch out over on the Donegal Mammy Blog in coming weeks for some great forthcoming announcements and plans!! ) Cleck out the Donegal Mammy Blog for the full list of winners.

The coronavirus has really started to get things in a spin…I’m trying not to talk too much about it in front of the boys…but I’ve already noticed the word “germs” creeping into my 4-year-olds daily vocabulary and his “roving report, from the moon and outer space concerning the germs and the virus” all whilst sitting in his home-crafted cardboard DIY intergalactic spaceship, tells me what I know already – there is no pulling the wool over kid’s eyes or passing things off nonchalantly. They know…THEY KNOW!
Missing friends, the routine of or regular life, preschool, playgrounds and interactions with anyone other than mom… its not just us grownups that find the adjustment to “do everything from home” life a struggle.

Putting all the virus chat to one side, it has been a good week. Lots of fun projects and collaborations and one local project that’s a concept evolved from the current global situation we find ourselves in. Anyone who has been to Killybegs, Donegal knows The Seafood Shack and their amazingly fresh fish. Well, Mairead+ Garry were looking for a viable way to still deliver their same awesome food whilst still observing social distancing guidelines. So we created their brand new website, where you can schedule your collection time, select items from their menu and then simply arrive at the Boathouse Restaurant pay (contactlessly where possible) collect your food and leave. It’s THAT simple!!

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