Business Support + Hosting

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149.00 / 30 days
Suitable for Business Websites that depend on the website for new business


Business Support Maintenance & Hosting is provided in a monthly support contract.

(cancel anytime)

Just like your computer and phone needs regular updates to keep it running smoothly, your website does too. Our care plans also include access to our paid theme and plugin licenses, to save you on additional costs.

Business Support Maintenance & Hosting includes:

  •  Core WordPress Update
  •  Theme & Plugin Updates
  •  Daily Cloud Backup
  •  12 Hour Response Time
  •  Weekly Security Check
  •  Database Optimisation
  •  Security Enhancement (Only Once)
  •  Google Analytics Reports
  •  Test Contact Form
  •  Yearly Software Licenses – worth €400 value
  •  SSL Certificate
  •  Hacker Free Security
  •  Custom WP Dashboard
  •  Uptime Monitoring
  •  Database Optimization
  •  Detailed Monthly Report

Additional website support is provided at a reduced rate to companies within contract.

Website Maintenance Plan Suitable for:

We primarily support WordPress websites, but also can provide maintenance support for a variety of CMS including Shopfiy, Joomla and html websites.

  • This bespoke maintenance plan should only be purchased when recommended by Agile Digital Strategy.


Additional Website Packages

  • eCommerce Maintenance Packages
  • Maintenance services & SEO
  • Web Design and Development
  • Web Development
  • Website Design & SEO
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Plan
  • SEO
  • Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis


With each new release of WordPress, theme software and plugins, developers fix bugs, add features and patch security vulnerabilities. A website management plan is crucial to the success and ranking of your business. So not updating puts your website at risk.

Contact us if you have any queries on the above.