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Grab this Coaching Webinar Template and Coaching Slide Deck Template as well as ALL the other Canva templates from our shop with The Canva Template Vault membership here:
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⭐️⭐️Grab this Coaching Webinar Template and Coaching Slide Deck Template as well as ALL the other Canva templates from our shop with The Canva Template Vault membership here:  ⭐️⭐️

Use this Coaching Presentation Template to showcase your coaching course content in a slide deck and then launch your course to the world using the coaching webinar template. Perfect for a life coach, business coach, blogger or an entrepreneur.


Create your online course webinar with this masterclass template and immediately have professional looking pitch deck slides and an incredible webinar design.

Save time and money when creating your presentation slide deck design or webinar design for your online course webinar, masterclass, or workshop with these Canva templates.

Easy to use and fully customizable life coach slide deck Canva template – just drag and drop your images, add your text, and change the colours in minutes. Use this pitch deck template to host successful webinars and convert your webinar audience into followers of your brand.

These slide deck presentation templates and life coach webinar templates will help you create content that your audience will love.

55-page webinar
* 3 cover slides
* You’re in the right place if
* 2 webinar outlines
* 2 if you stay on ’til the end
* 6 audience engagement slides
* Welcome
* About are
* Featured in
* 8 story and transformation slides
* Our goal for you
* Case study
* 6 process/steps slides
* 2 quizzes
* Gallery and moodpboard
* 3 infographics
* 3 pricing and enrolment slides
* 2 program details
* 4 call-to-actions
* 1 money back guarantee slide
* Thank you

70-page slide deck
* 3 cover slides
* Welcome
* About are
* Meet your coaches
* Tools you’ll need
* Overview
* Tool tutorial
* Timeline
* Important dates
* What to expect slides
* Module titles
* You will learn
* Module introduction
* Case study
* Key points
* Task
* Content slides
* Review and recap
* Cheat sheet
* Checklist
* Bust that myth
* Process/steps slides
* Resources
* Diagrams and charts
* Comparison chart
* Cause and effect
* 4 quiz slides
* Assessment
* FAQs
* Gallery
* Thank you
* Next steps

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